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About us and what drives us

Establishment of corporations

Anonymously managed corporations are becoming increasingly popular for a variety of different reasons. SiBa Wirtschaftskanzlei GmbH in Berlin is a management consultancy that deals with today’s needs in connection with the formation of German corporations and the associated desired trustee service.

Experience and knowledge

For us, high-quality management consulting means having excellent specialist and insider knowledge – in other words, knowledge that you won’t find in books or on the Internet. Our business consultants have years of experience and offer a comprehensive and precise service.

As an experienced management consultancy, we know our customers’ needs inside out and ensure that the process is quick and easy. During our free consulting activity, a suitable trust package or a shelf company solution will be worked out for your needs, offering the optimal solution for you.

Satisfied customers and confidentiality

We work thoroughly and precisely because our commitment is with the customer. We are not satisfied with our consulting services until our client has achieved their goals. We maintain strict confidentiality, and together within a few days, you are ready for business.

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