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With an experience of more than 30 years, we specialise exclusively in company formation in various forms in Germany.


Other service providers often offer additional services, e.g., financial services.

Other forms of incorporation of corporations


Not only do we offer shelf companies, we also offer other forms of incorporation of corporations. We can therefore advise you in a completely neutral manner, based on your individual situation. We don’t necessarily have to ‘sell’ you a shelf company.


Other service providers in the field of shelf companies only offer shelf companies. Therefore, you will certainly not be told about the peculiarities or even disadvantages of the shelf company solution.



We hold individual discussions with you and advise you on the possible variants, advantages and disadvantages related to your individual situation. You have a permanent contact person who accompanies you and whom you can always ask questions.


You can “reserve” an off-the-peg company, many things are automated and impersonal. E.g., you are sent a folder with a lot of documents that you do not understand. Often only an unsuspecting agent of the seller appears at the notary, or a power of attorney is issued to you.

Bank account


The bank account is available, the share capital is fully paid in, and the account is retained and fully usable for the company straight after the purchase.

The account is also set up for online access. You can keep the bank account or take care of another bank account of your choice afterwards.


Other service providers offer bank accounts in the so-called order check procedure, whereby the company’s account is not retained after the transfer and can no longer be used. That means you have to take care of a new bank account yourself, which can take some time, see Bank Account in Frequently Asked Questions.

You can also see that the provider is not solvent enough, they probably lack the opportunity to raise the share capital.

Some providers do not open a bank account with a UG (entrepreneurial company) and pay the share capital into the so-called cash desk. According to the legal opinion of our consultants, this is no longer legally compliant today. Nowadays, you will need a business account with online access anyway. Or do you only want to do cash transactions on a permanent basis?

Notary appointment


We have pre-booked, regular notary appointments at least twice a week. The cooperation with the notary’s office is extremely efficient, as it has already been optimised several times. You determine the business purpose and can change the name and registered office of the company. If all the data and documents are available, the appointment can be confirmed as soon as possible.

We will discuss the needed data with you, support you in your decision and prepare the information for the notary’s office. All specifications are confirmed to you, so that you then only need to sign the appointment and know what you sign.


Others offer to have a notary of your choice notarise the purchase and assignment agreement and all desired changes to the Articles of Association. Since many notaries are overburdened, they are barely interested in such relatively small orders (when founding a UG), so you will only receive an appointment after several weeks.

The notary also has to familiarise themselves with the situation, as they don’t accompany this business on a daily basis and some notaries are not very experienced in this matter. As long as this process continues, you are not ‘immediately able to act’.

You may have to take care of all the necessary decisions (business purpose, company name and registered office of the company) yourself.

Name of the company and former owner


Our companies are already established with a neutral but meaningful name. Some customers even leave the name in place or add to it business-related. Thus, it is not apparent in the history in the commercial register that it was previously a shelf company.

The founding shareholder (owner) of all our shelf companies is not Siba Wirtschaftskanzlei GmbH, but another independent, legal entity from which you take over (buy) your shelf company. Thus, a direct relationship is not apparent.


The name of the company often has a fancy name with a consecutive number, e.g., Shelf 241 GmbH. Everyone immediately recognizes in the commercial register that this was a shelf company.

Registered office


If you do not yet have your own deliverable business address (registered office), you can leave the company at its current registered office address in Berlin for as long as you wish for a monthly rental fee. Any mail (including important mail from the commercial register) will be forwarded to you. For more information about the importance of the business address, see Mailing Address in Frequently Asked Questions.


Since it’s essential that the company taken over has a place of business with a registered office address that can be delivered to, you must provide a different address of your own for the takeover of the company, to which mail can also arrive. The mail is usually no longer forwarded by the former shareholder. That puts you under pressure.

Managing director


You can keep the existing managing director as managing director of the company for the time being (with a corresponding fee agreement). As a result, the company remains fully capable of acting without interruption, also externally. You are welcome to replace the managing director with your own managing director (e.g., yourself) later.


The previous managing director of the company resigns with immediate effect upon the transfer. A new managing director must be appointed immediately. Only after their registration in the commercial register and change of the right of disposal over the account at the bank, can the new managing director then be authorised to represent the company externally.

What types of shelf companies do we sell?

In Germany we offer three types of shelf companies:

See also What is a GmbH and What is a UG and Frequently Asked Questions about Stock Company.

Shelf company UG Germany

UG: Entrepreneurial company with limited liability

At the UG under German law, the share capital is 500 €, which is fully available in the company’s bank account. The purchase price is 2,500 €, the paid-in share capital of 500 € is included in the purchase price.

Shelf company GmbH Germany

GmbH: Company with limited liability

In the case of the GmbH (limited liability company) under German law, the share capital is 25,000 €, which is fully available in the company’s bank account. The purchase price is € 28,000, the paid-in share capital of € 25,000 is included in the purchase price.

Joint-Stock Shelf Company Germany

AG: Joint-Stock Company

In the AG under German law, the share capital is 50,000 €, which is fully available in the company’s bank account. The purchase price is 55,500 €, the paid-in share capital of 50,000 € is included in the purchase price.

In Austria, we offer the following shelf company:

Shelf company GmbH Austria

GmbH: Company with limited liability

In the case of the GmbH (limited liability company) under Austrian law, the share capital is 35,000 €, which is fully available in the company’s bank account. The purchase price is € 38,700, the paid-in share capital of € 35,000 is included in the purchase price.

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