Foundation service: UG formation

UG formation

UG Formation in Germany: All formation formalities, notary appointment, commercial register application, bank account, opening balance sheet, tax filing, business registration, optional business location: fast and reliable UG formation.

UG Formation in Germany: have a company founded instead of founding one yourself in Germany

Company start-up service: have a company founded instead of founding one yourself

Have a UG company founded instead of founding one yourself in Germany

You can set up a company yourself in the form of a German UG (limited liability company). Experience has shown that setting up a new company on your own will take a lot of time and effort, and it won’t be any cheaper in the end. You can contact a lawyer or tax advisor, mostly only sample contracts are pulled out of the drawer, and the costs are probably excessive.

Make use of our experience: We specialise in the formation of companies in Germany. We also support you in complex projects, e.g. founding holding structures.

Since we are constantly establishing companies like a UG or GmbH here in Germany, we know all the pitfalls and know how to communicate efficiently with the authorities and other parties involved (notary, commercial register, tax office, etc.). We set up your UG safely and quickly.

The only faster solution is the purchase of a UG Shelf Company or GmbH Shelf Company.

How do we establish your UG in Germany?


We discuss with you the company name you want and the business purpose of the company. You tell us who will be the shareholder (owner) of the company and who will be the managing director.

We ask you to provide us with all the data and documents needed for the notary appointment and prepare them for the notary. Based on this information, the notary will prepare all the necessary documents (articles of association, list of shareholders, commercial register application of the company).

Notary deed UG foundation

Notary appointment

The fastest way is via a notary appointment already arranged by us in Berlin. We have regular, already booked notary appointments. There is no faster way to get a notary.

We organize the notary appointment and supervise the complete notarial processing. After the notarisation you will receive the deeds of the company from the notary. Even if the notary appointment takes place in Berlin, the company can have its registered office anywhere in Germany.

Bank account

We prepare for you the opening of the bank account at a German bank, with German IBAN. The managing director only has to legitimize himself. This is easily possible via an online identification, which we prepare for you and assist you with. Thus, no on-site bank appointment with a bank employee is necessary.

Opening the bank account for your UG

UG incorporation registration, district court, commercial court

Commercial register

After the confirmation of the payment of the share capital, the application to the Commercial Register is made by the notary. We supervise the application to the Commercial Register and the payment of the Commercial Register fee. You will then receive notification of the company’s entry in the Commercial Register from the Commercial Register. A deliverable business address for the company is mandatory for this.

Tax office

We prepare the tax registration with the relevant German tax office on your behalf. Your company will then receive the German tax number from the tax office. We also apply for the VAT ID for your company.

Business registration

On your behalf we carry out the registration of the company at the competent trade office.

UG incorporation: Tax office tax registration

The above described UG incorporation will cost you:

1.340,00 € plus 19% Vat 254,60 € = Total amount 1.594,60 €

plus the outstanding share capital contribution (min. 500 €)

Please note: Our fee does not include the share capital or the fees incurred (notary, commercial register, trade office).

We incorporate for you nationwide in all German cities. Your company can therefore take up residence at any location in Germany. Even if you are personally located outside Germany, this is not a problem. You can order the booking of a UG company formation online from the comfort of your home. To do so, please fill out the order form and send it to us. We will call you and discuss the order and all your questions concerning the UG formation package. In most cases, correspondence by phone or email is sufficient.

Additional options

On request with registered office in Berlin for your founded UG

A demanding business environment often requires an appropriate external presentation of your company. But you don’t have to rent an entire office right away.

With this option, we also offer you a registered office in Berlin with the following service:

  • The company will be entered in the Commercial Register at this address.
  • Same is the registration with the tax office and trade office at this address.
  • We receive your mail and forward it once a week.
  • You can be assigned a telephone number that you can forward to a telephone number in Germany.

Your German business address will thus serve as a representative company address on all your business papers, business cards and website. There is no easier way to start your business in Germany.

Germany: Headquarters Berlin for your UG company

The monthly costs for rent and the listed service are € 250 plus VAT.

If you do not use this option, the company can be founded at any address in Germany. You must then provide this location, see business address in Questions and Answers.

Legal Note: For legal reasons, we are not allowed to provide legal or tax advice. If you have a particular motivation or purpose in purchasing the shelf company, please consult your lawyer or tax advisor.

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