Frequently Asked Questions and their Answers about Shelf Companies

Questions and answers about shelf companies

We try to provide answers to common questions from our customers about shelf companies.
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Questions and answers, advantages and disadvantages of a shelf company


What is the advantage of a shelf company over an incorporation from scratch?

The formation of a new company (GmbH or UG) from scratch in Germany is very formal and time-consuming (notary, bank, commercial register, etc.). During the period before the company is fully incorporated, there is no limitation of liability, i.e. the founder is personally liable for all transactions made in advance, so it is not advisable to start business during this period. Shelf companies are already incorporated and thus fully limited by liability, so there is no waiting period.

Shelf companies are therefore very suitable if you need a company that is immediately available and can do business for you at short notice, including limited liability. A shelf company (as a shelf company GmbH or shelf company UG) can be transferred (sold) at the next possible notary appointment.

Can you tell me the name and the commercial register number of the company before signing the contract?

In order to avoid misuse (which unfortunately has happened before), we cannot provide you with the company’s data. This is also for your safety; you do not want someone to act unfairly against the company beforehand.

Why can't I make a reservation for a shelf company with you?

We consider this rather a marketing measure. We have enough companies in our portfolio from which we can sell you a suitable company (shelf company GmbH, shelf company UG) at any time, so a reservation is not necessary and would only disadvantage customers who want to buy immediately.

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